Malicious Threats

Malicious Threats

…The UK faces a serious and sustained threat from terrorism, including from international groups, domestic extremists and Northern Ireland-related groups.

The current threat level is set to ‘substantial’, meaning an attack is likely.

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…so what is it?

Although there is no direct and specific threat in Lincolnshire, we work with key partner agencies and communities to tackle extremism.

  • Many of the networks and individuals who pose a terrorist threat seek to harm large numbers of people
  • Some groups aspire to attack infrastructure using both traditional methods and alternatives such as cyber- attacks. Overall, any form of attack can potentially threaten life, property and community cohesion
Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussing the threat level (Credit: The Sun)
Run Hide Tell framework from Counter Terrorism Policing
What we do as an LRF…
  • We work closely with local Counter Terrorism Security Advisors who provide training and guidance documents to help businesses and other organisations understand the terrorist threat, improve protective security and preparedness, spot signs of suspicious activity and take other appropriate actions
What you can do to help us…
  • Watch the Police’s public information film: ‘Stay safe: Firearms and Weapon Attack
  • Register for CitizenAID: a free app which provides clear and simple actions informing the general public on immediate actions in a shooting, stabbing or bomb incident and how to give life-saving first aid to the injured.
  • Report suspicious activity via ACT or the national reporting system: (0800 789 321)

Name: School Bomb Threat Hoax

Date: 26/06/18

What happened?

Several schools across Lincolnshire received an email threat concerning bombs that had been placed around school entrances, and threats against children in response to how schools were allowing them to dress.

Lincolnshire County Council, the EP team, and Lincolnshire Police were quick to respond however. LCC urged any school to report any emails in to the Police with a specific reference number, and the Police then updated their public facing website in order to relay general advice and to remain calm.

National agencies were then communicated with to ensure that a complete picture was attained in terms of data.

Whilst the threat was a hoax, the response was serious and escalated as it needed to be.

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