Welcome to Lincolnshire Resilience Forum

We plan and prepare for local incidents and major emergencies. We identify the risks to Lincolnshire, and produce emergency plans to mitigate them and protect our local communities.

About Us

Our Partnership

The LRF is a multi-agency partnership made up of representatives from local public services, including the emergency services, local authorities, and others. These agencies are known as Category 1 Responders.

The LRF itself is a statutory process made up of many different statutory bodies.

This partnership is supported by Category 2 responders. They have a responsibility to co-operate and to share relevant information with the LRF. These responders include the Highways Agency, Public Utilities, and others.

Responders can vary from the British Red Cross, to the MoD, to Drainage Boards.

In an incident, everyone comes together to help the people of Lincolnshire by responding in a way that minimises the impact on the public, property, and environment of Lincolnshire.

A bit more about us…

Where do we cover?

Under the Civil Contingencies Act, every part of the United Kingdom is required to establish a resilience forum.

Lincolnshire LRF covers the Lincolnshire Police Force Area. This covers 2,292 square miles, and a population of over 750,000.

Common Objectives:

All LRF responders work to a set of common objectives:

Common Objectives
  • Prevent a disaster getting worse
  • Save lives
  • Relieve suffering
  • Restore normality ASAP
  • Protect Property
  • Facilitate criminal investigations/judicial process if necessary

What do we cover?

As well as dealing with the aftermath of an emergency, partners within the LRF work together to ensure that plans and preparations are in place and regularly tested for a variety of incident types.

This ensures all partners can respond immediately and effectively.


Finding out more

The Civil Contingencies Act

Fancy reading up on the legal duties of the LRF?
The Civil Contingencies Act is your first port of call.

Key risks in your area

For information regarding how risks can affect YOU, please see our page on key risks in Lincolnshire.


Are you Weather Ready?

The Met Office have a range of Weather Ready material to support your resilience activity. You can find them on the Weather Ready section of their website.

Lincolnshire united to help tackle cost of living challenge 

Lincolnshire councils, alongside stakeholder groups including the Integrated Care Board, health and care providers, faith and community groups, charities and local businesses, have come together to help support residents as they enter the winter months. 

A task force has been set up to review the potential impacts caused by the cost of living through the autumn/winter 2022 and to harness effort across all partners to help in supporting, where possible, the communities of Lincolnshire.  

Please see below pages highlighting what support is available within which district area.

Current Incidents

We have a dedicated page that is updated regularly when an incident has been declared.
For the most up-to-date information: please see current incidents

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