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Ready For Anything Volunteers

An innovative new scheme
How individuals can support emergency responders and communities during and after crisis

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What is the ‘Ready For Anything’ scheme?

Following the challenges presented by the flooding in Lincolnshire in 2019, high profile incidents such as the Grenfell fire and the Manchester Arena attack and more recently, the Coronavirus pandemic, the use of volunteers and embracing and channelling public goodwill, has never been more important.

Ready For Anything is an innovative scheme, enabling individuals who want to volunteer to support our emergency responders and communities during and after crisis. Lincolnshire Resilience Forum has teamed up with North Yorkshire Resilience Forum to launch the scheme in Lincolnshire to build upon the outstanding achievements of our volunteers over the past two years. 

Anyone can volunteer the scheme as long as you live in Lincolnshire, are relatively fit and well and able to get around the county. If this sounds like you then we would like to welcome you to our emergency volunteer family.

Having this scheme in Lincolnshire wouldn’t have been possible if not for our friends over at Ready For Anything – North Yorkshire. Feel free to check them out if you have a moment.

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Well done to those that attended the first Response Zero Training session that took place on Thursday June 1st at the County Emergency Centre in Lincoln. The afternoon was a fun filled practical session led by LIVES on behalf of the LRF covering a variety of topics including basic life support, scene safety, as well as assessment and major haemorrhage control.

The next session will take place on Thursday 13th July at the County Emergency Centre, South Park, Lincoln from 1pm. There are a few places left so why not join us or book onto further sessions in August and September.

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What we will offer you:

Regular training:

Following your initial recruitment, the LRF will provide you with regular training so you are able to assist with confidence wherever it is needed to most in the county or within an agreed radius of your home address.

Coverage and PPE:

All personal protective equipment (PPE), identification and indemnity insurance will be undertaken by Lincolnshire County Council whilst your everyday contact will be looked after by the team at the County Emergency Centre in Lincoln.


By joining our family of emergency volunteers, you will also have access to the county’s Emergency Planning Duty Officers (EPO) 24 hours a day as well as being part of a county wide network of community emergency volunteers. During deployment, your EPO will contact you via text, initially, for your availability before making formal arrangement for your deployment to support where it is needed the most.


We will hold quarterly training sessions so even if an emergency doesn’t happen, your skills will remain up to date and ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice. And of course, we also want to get to know each other so in time of emergency we all have the confidence to act in meaningful ways.

Volunteer roles

There are many different roles by which our Ready for Anything Volunteers can support!
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Provision of refreshments

There isn’t much that can’t be solved without a good cup of tea. Volunteers may be asked to help out supplying refreshments to evacuees or the emergency services. This will be provided

Clean up duties

It may not be the most glamorous job, but following an incident help will be required to clear up and get things back to normal.

Warn & inform

Volunteers may be asked to help out with delivering information to communities. This may include door knocking or leaflet dropping to inform residents about the incident.

Good neighbor support

Before, during and after an incident we will encourage volunteers to look in on their neighbor. E.g. do they need any medication or shopping? Could they help clear snow from a path?

Rest Centre support

Assist in a centre for those evacuated by supporting attendees, providing information and reassurance.

Logistical support

Movement of equipment, sorting of donations and administrative support. Mileage will be reimburse at standard HMRC rate

Transport provision

Assisting with the transport of donated goods and supplies to where they are needed. Mileage will be reimburse at standard HMRC rat

Missing person support

High profile vulnerable/missing persons – where required and appropriate, in support of the police and mountain and lowland rescue teams in vulnerable and/or missing person’s searches

Additional roles can be looked at for the future, such as interpreters, those with social care/health experience as documented in their registration form.

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No DBS checks are required. DBS checks can only be carried out against specific tasks and RFA roles are potentially too varied. Assurance can be given that you will never be on your own or working alone with the public, and either paired up with another officer (e.g. door knocking), or under coordinator supervision (e.g. in a rest centre).

…so how do I get started?

Please use the form below to fill in your details and we will do the rest.

Thank you for Registering to become a Ready for Anything Emergency Volunteer

A member of the Emergency Planning team will contact you shortly to go through the rest of the process starting you on your journey in supporting those that need it the most in times of crisis

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