Creating an Evacuation Plan

Creating an Evacuation Plan

Evacuation plans, emergency kits, and general guidance


Being as prepared as possible helps us to help you

Three ways to prepare:

Creating an Evacuation Plan:

Consider creating a basic evacuation plan for yourself/family.

How to create an evacuation plan:
  • Plan places where your family will meet, both within and outside of your immediate neighbourhood
  • Become familiar with alternative routes and other means of getting out of your area
  • Take your emergency kit unless you have reason to believe it has been contaminated
  • If you have a car, keep a half tank of fuel in it at all times in case you need to evacuate
  • If you do not have a car, plan how you will leave if you have to
  • Lock the door behind you and take any pets with you

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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