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How to prepare for a general emergency

Evacuation plans, emergency kits, and general guidance


Being as prepared as possible helps us to help you

Three ways to prepare:

What to do:

If you are not directly involved in the incident, it’s best to move inside a safe building and stay put until advised otherwise. Tune in to local media (such as radio or TV) for the latest information. Try to remember: Go in, Stay in, Tune in.

Make sure 999 has been called if there is a threat to life, follow the advice of the emergency services, and think calmly before acting to avoid danger.

If you’re at home when an emergency is declared:
  • Bring your family and pets inside
  • Go into an interior room with few windows
  • Tune in to local media (such as radio or TV) for the latest information
  • Keep necessary tools near gas and water shut-off valves
  • Lock doors, close windows and air vents
  • Turn off fans, air conditioning and forced air heating systems
  • Locate the electric, gas and water shut-off valves
  • Teach family members how to turn off utilities (but do not attempt to switch them on yourself)

By preparing ahead of time, you will be able to respond quickly and confidently, no matter what sort of emergency comes your way.

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